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Amnesia: Rebirth – Official Gameplay Trailer Game wiki and how to, complete walkthrough

Gaze upon five minutes of deadly puzzle-solving gameplay from Amnesia: Rebirth, the next chapter in Frictional Games survival horror series.


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  1. The original had the hairs on the back of my neck standing up everytime that thing would come near

  2. graphics look the same as the first one ……why?

  3. Please let us choose if she talks during gameplay! if she talks in cutscenes its ok, but leave the gameplay free of voice!

  4. I just HAVE to get this game!

  5. Triggers grenade, proceeds to pick up grenade

  6. this looks great but why does there have to be a voiced protagonist

  7. The Lack of Physics objects was what killed my immersion in Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs.
    Im glad to see physics objects are back ^-^

  8. Let us play without her talking every event and then unlock her voiceover for any other playthroughs.

  9. What is this, Tomb Raider? Chatty Lara Croft? Female Peter Parker? Can we turn off the vocals?

  10. Amnesia. A game I haven't bothered getting back into watching again. Now I'm doing it again in Halloween month. Wish me luck that I get out alive.

    Btw, I'm actually excited for this game!

  11. Looks a bit like Outlast and Amnesia TDD combined. Seems like they added the character talking like in SOMA, which is not working out well on this one, however. I am really looking forward to it as this is probably not even the final product, and I am hoping some vibes and horrifying atmosphere from the very first.

  12. Oh come on guys.. don't ruin this one with voiced characters..Let US build the story, don't take the spookyness away!

  13. Amnesia scared me more than anything
    Soma blew my mind and stayed with me for months.
    I'm anxious just thinking about the terrors this game will put me through.

  14. Why does she talk so much?! it takes me out of the immersion of being scared when shes always saying lighthearted crap. Who made that decision? Hope I can at least mute voices

  15. Amnesia and SOMA are two of the best horror games I've ever played so you better believe I'm looking forward to this!

  16. "They weren't looking forward to visitors, were they?" Is she going to act all jokey, like this is a kids show, all the time? just….let me make my own judgement of the situation, I dont need playful observations.

  17. I hope this time frictional allows the comunity to build custom stories so we can keep the game alive for decades. Dark descent kept breathing for years Just because of custom stories. Just like a machine for pigs was dead a year before.

  18. that grenade throw was weak asf..

  19. NGL, didn't feel bothered by the voice tags, though I do understand a lot of the points. I feel that a light hearted comment after a small jumps care like triggering a trap makes sense. But did you hear her making funny comments when that crazy demon-lady-whatever chased her? I didn't. As long as they keep the true horror moments as they should be.

    Regardless, I'm STOKED

  20. they should have an option to turn off her voice outside of like cutscenes or scripted moments

  21. They really should just put an option to turn off voice acting, everyone will be happy that way

  22. Not entirely sure why the tank shells would use blackpowder.

  23. “no, no, no, no”
    throws grenade at self and stands near it

  24. I hope there is an option to turn off the character's dialogue.

  25. We….. have… Limbs?! WHAT KIND OF SICK TWISTED GAME IS THIS?!?!?!

  26. I'm 99% sure there'll be an option to turn the voice off, don't fret it.

  27. No one likes a talking protagonist. Period.

  28. With the main character talking 1/10 but Remove the main character's voice box and this game would be 10/10

  29. btw PewDiePie will be the first to play Amnesia Rebirth LoL

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