Anthem Full Gameplay Demo — E3 Best Action Game Winner Gameplay Monster

Anthem Full Gameplay Demo — E3 Best Action Game Winner Game wiki and how to, complete walkthrough

Lead Producer Ben Irving takes us through a 20-minute Anthem gameplay demonstration, originally shown at the E3 hands-on showcase. Discover more about the traversal, combat, and teamwork on display as a team of four Freelancers complete the mission “Scars & Villainy.”

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  1. Very responsive AI. A small bug is where the ice cream changes direction after firing. Bad Ice Cream 3 game on hudgames

  2. they were saying this game is horrible as hell. I don't want to believe so I bought this yesterday. Oh my god. Tell me, other than iron man simulator what else this game even worth 10 dollars?
    (For all creators I'm not put the fault on you guys. You guys were lack of time and directions. I just think you guys need a new manager and several new bosses. Cause their leadership and time management, I felt a kindergarten kid would be better than them. At least kid will give you a direction at the beginning, not at the end.)

  3. what to aspect is ea what dont have the required engine or dev tools possible most third party still used the same engine what is not advanced just gradualy improved

  4. im watching again & again, i really wish this e3 demo could happen in retail game…*snif*

  5. I already have Anthem but does anyone know when this actual game come out????
    Asking for a friend

  6. So glad they gave the option to remove those floating numbers. I even got rid of the enemy health bars and markers. Makes the game look a lot prettier.

  7. Nice, now I check my colossus and I see I am 300x times stronger xD .

  8. I didn't think that the game looked like this, but it does. The difference is the fast phase in the game, it doesn't let you appreciate the visuals! Great Game BioWare!

  9. Turns out this "live" gameplay was a just cut-scene cinematic… a full blown fake it till you make it scenario. 😂some of that made it in and some you'll no longer see.

  10. Looks like it's going to be very repetitive and highly scripted, and of course overpriced, selling it in little pieces :DDDDDD
    F you I have BORDERLANDS 3 coming soon

  11. "Ours is an unfinished world, a world abandoned by it's gods: the Shapers"
    Haha Haha I think they were trying to tell us something

  12. the fact bioware had no idea what they were supposed to make and this is the first time they saw the game themselves and were shown what to make makes this video hilarious this wasn't even an alpha

  13. This video explains all aspects of the game system. After watching the demonstration, I just want to say that the machine is still a man's romance.

  14. everyday…more lies. Bor gullet will know the truth.

  15. Why is this map so big and the reality the map is impossible small also no loading screen bioware why you didn‘t release this version i think the consoles are the problem (downgrade)
    Also at 4:44 destroyable buildings

  16. All joking aside I feel genuinely cheated, thinking I was paying for this game and getting the real anthem instead. How is this not just straight up false advertising? It’s literally a different game

  17. Lol A lot of the gameplay has been changed with the official game releases. Whuttt

  18. What the hell happened? Just over half a year later the game releases and its nothing like this. They knew the entire time what they were doing. EA fooled everyone again.

  19. LOOK AT HOW MUCH MORE FOLIAGE IN THIS DEMO!! Game feels like a desert now, everywhere feels the same

  20. Why this was removed, I don't know why. But put this back in 😌

  21. Anthem was released unfinished on pourpous. EA NEEDS TO BE FORCED TO SELL THEIR RIGHTS TO ALL TITLES AND BE SHUT DOWN. We is destroying this industy amd they need to be obliterated! Your time has come EA and Anthem was you downfall.

  22. This isnt a mission people, this is Tyrant Mine Stronghold, and as of this morning, another big patch, fixing soo much, love this game!!!!

  23. Let's recap:
    – graphic was downgraded
    – Striders are no longer your 2nd base of operation.
    – World is now divided by loading screens.
    – You no longer see what type of item you picked up.
    – Missions no longer are avilable while exploring the world. Instead you queue for them in the menu.
    – Other players can't join you during freeplay.
    and so on….

  24. I want to know what happened, why did they lie to us? Why is Anthem so broken?

  25. Where are all these things in the final game? Strider as a base? Loading Screen Animationsfilm? Etc etc???

  26. There are going to be..dinosaurs, on this..dinosaur tour.. correct?


  27. I wonder if the people who are complaining play on console or pc. Personally, I'm at 485 gs and I have no complaints. The game should get better over time.

  28. you know this tyrant mine stronghold doesn't even show on my match making right now lol. it's gone 5 days ago lol

  29. What happened in 8 months, BioWare ? We need explanations about this.

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