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Freespace 2 Gameplay Video Game wiki and how to, complete walkthrough

This video shows a compilation of clips of a large battle I made within the Freespace 2 Editor for my article on the now disappeared/renamed Seeing as there are almost no gameplay videos about the game even on Youtube, I decided to upload it here as well.

The music used is: Infinite Dimensions – Eradicated

The SCP version is 3.6.10, the newest version available at writing (June 2013) is 3.6.19, which is a huge improvement.

Tags: Conflict, Freespace, FS2, Gameplay, Video, Battle, Combat, Blank, Pixels, Volition, Space, Gaming, Commentary, Site

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  1. freespace 2 + freelancer + mechwarrior 4 = infinite happiness

  2. Ce jeu reste à mon avis, un des meilleurs de son genre. ^^

  3. What song is this? Sounds like some old school Astral Projection.

  4. Does anyone know if freespace 2 was preloaded as a demo on early 2000 computers? I remember playing a game like this: flying through space, and a monster would appear in the top left corner making weird sounds. It was a Demo I think on my old HP computer.

  5. i wish we can have a space sim with today's visual and Freelancer's story. Nowadays it's just spacesim trucking with no real story whatsoever, it's pretty but it gets boring fast. Freelancer on the other hand, i still return to that game from time to time.

  6. this soundtrack took control of my right hand and the next thing i knew i had bout freespace 2 on steam 

  7. yaya space shooters and psytrance 🙂

  8. Do the game makers realise that space is a vacuum and in a vacuum there can be no sound? 🙂

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    Tilian says:

    Man, I need a lot of practice to flight like that…

  10. My sound recording quality was not yet up to par for me to have the entire video have it exclusively featured. The last clip shows what it would sound like if I did. Thanks for your comment, though!

  11. YAY Freespace! very cool game, BOOH to the "Night at the Roxbury" crappy music! This is a space combat game not a freaking disco.

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    Kyu7 says:

    Yeah…I'm ready for Star Citizen…this game was a gateway drug to space sims!

  13. I've already learned my lesson 😉

    I meant with the Descent and Freespace comparison that they were both created by the same makers, also here in Europe, the OEM version of the game was called Descent: Freespace The Great War, so until recently I usually considered the name to be fitting.

    Thanks for your comment, though!

  14. BS, how can you compare something like Descent and Freespace? They do two completely different things.

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    518735 says:

    Dude trance is better than all music in this world combined. TRANCE IS THE FUTURE.

  16. Music is Infinite Dimensions – Eradicated

  17. I thought you were talking about the game being good or bad (decent or not)… =_='

  18. Star Citizen will kick this games ass

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