Marvel's Avengers – Customization Gameplay Overview Gameplay Monster

Marvel's Avengers – Customization Gameplay Overview Game wiki and how to, complete walkthrough

Here’s how players earn and unlock cosmetics in Marvel’s Avengers including different skins from iconic Marvel comics.

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  1. Am I the only one who wants the modular armor from the iron man tv series in this game

  2. Say hello to microtransactions. The greedy clowns are going to ruin this game too.

  3. online marketplace? I smell micro-transactions

  4. "Online marketplace"?! Square Enix, have you learned nothing?!

  5. Idk if it's just me but Iron Man's Starktech suit looks better with the silver on the abs instead of the gold.

  6. This game seriously needs more playable characters

  7. Isn't this what call of duty does every game?
    But you guys buy that???
    Oh yeah. Because its what everybody else does. .you πŸ‘ 🐏 πŸ‘ 🐏 πŸ‘ 🐏 πŸ‘ 🐏 πŸ‘ 🐏 sheep sheep. Dang . I'm ashamed how many play video games.

  8. too bad you create your own character

  9. Why can’t they drop the exclusive costumes as free dlc.I understand they can make dlc packs for the new characters.

  10. β€œI don’t think that’s canon.” What did that even mean??

  11. Seems like another "triple A" game which has had no time and love put into it.

  12. Instead of mobile games becoming more like AAA games, AAA games became more like mobile games…

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    Blast22 says:

    Oh look; another Joe Fixit, WWH, and let me guess…Hulkbuster is somewhere thrown in there. Groundbreaking. -_-

  14. As long as it’s only cosmetics and no gameplay boosts as MTs

  15. some outfit will only be a available through our online marketplace
    Aaaaand there it is

  16. I like how unlike spidey ps4, they're listing which comics are inspiration for this game. "MARVELS" and Avengers forever being 2 of them. And then listing specific comics for each suits appearance.

  17. An "online market place" shouldn't be a big deal if handled right. Deep Rock Galactic is an incredible game and has cosmetic DLC along with an extensive unlock-able library of customisation through in game actions. People are predictably jumping the gun already. Once the game comes out you accurately judge the online purchases and their worth or villainy.

  18. 'online marketplace'.


  19. Let’s go avengers I cannot wait!!!!!!

  20. We have tons of outfits. You want them? Just come on over to our online marketplace and BUY them!

  21. Am I the only one annoyed we haven't seen more Captain America outfits

  22. yea nah I'm not buying that crap!

  23. Question what games do yall play

  24. watch them make the most badass outfits marketplace exclusive. might have to pass this game up

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    m mib says:

    as long as they can be 'earned' ingame and as long as we wont be greeted by the marketplace everywhere.

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    m mib says:

    doooooooo i heeeeeeeear miiiiiiiiiiiicros?

  27. Online market place? Pfft, that just made a no sale for me

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    Shmiite says:

    "online marketplace" yeah no thanks. This is how you call microtransactions now?

  29. I was hyped for this game until 'online marketplace'. Gonna wait this one out now and see if it's a game or just a cash grab..

  30. man the bleeding edge armor looks sick

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    TolBoi says:

    This game is gonna be bad isn't it 😞

  32. No hawkeye or captain America but that bimbo widow

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