Medieval Dynasty: 8 Minutes of Alpha Gameplay Gameplay Monster

Medieval Dynasty: 8 Minutes of Alpha Gameplay Game wiki and how to, complete walkthrough

Take a look at over eight minutes of gameplay from an alpha build of Medieval Dynasty, a “feudal-survival and life-simulation” game from the creators of Farmer’s Dynasty. It is due for release on Steam Early Access in 2020.


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  1. This games seems not at all ready to be shown to the public
    . my point exactly

  2. Even if the game looks bad, you guys should at least keep an open mind not just reject it flat out like some (a lot) of the comments are saying

  3. Imagine if he went back to see his family after helping that guy with the wolf's he finds his family eaten by wolf's 🤔

  4. Ah yes, i see we are still making games with 2003 graphics

  5. I just don't see a reason to play this, given that there are better Sim games out there and how much of a time sink they are by nature. BTW I just started playing kingdom come deliverance and it's phenomenal if yall haven't tried it

  6. Shitgames, thats how i describe this type of "games".

  7. Ho yes again and again the same medieval survival mechanics….just stop…. Many games make it better than this….even in alpha.

  8. сразу видно : нет оптимизации, кривые анимации . вывод НУ ОООООЧЕНЬ СЫРОЙ ПРОДУКТ

  9. This looks awful, even at an alpha stage, ugh

  10. Too lazy for world building and optimization? Easy! Just make the 43368429th medieval game.

  11. Seems like Kingdom Come: Deliverance except it looks like a shitty wattered down survival game.

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    Wolf says:

    "Lets kill someone!" (Cicero)

  13. That's a real medieval frame rate over there

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    C S says:

    Yet another survival crafting game…hard pass, sorry dudes.

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    ew says:

    You could have it all, my empire of dirt

  16. Medieval Dynasty sounds like a RTS strategy but this is survivor from first person!

  17. This would've looked amazing…. In 2005. Nice atmosphere, but EVERYTHING needs improving.

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    lard says:

    Why this when bannerlord comes out in 10 days

  19. Idk why I’m getting a dragon’s dogma feeling but without magic.

  20. Medieval laws:
    Collecting brushwood in the forest without permission – whips, setting traps without permission – whips, hunting without permission – death.
    Where the SIMULATION of the FARMER?

  21. Kinda looks like Kingdom come deliverance X 7 Days to Die 😂

  22. Just what we need, another janky survival game. Purrrleasssse.

  23. I wish they would make the question marks a big bigger, cant hardly see them.

  24. I'm not sure whether this footage slipped through or if they wanted to see our reactions. I kinda feel bad for the devs being bashed so much.

  25. I think it needs more people randomly walking around gathering or chopping stuff

  26. have you guys seen those advertisements by twitch streamers were they get one or 2 kills in CoD and they act surprise like that rarely happens bro that's hilarious my little brother who is new to cod got a quad head shot with a sniper rifle and he acts like business as usual

  27. Game looks like it has great potential

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