*NEW* Chopper LMG Gameplay (FREE VERSION + LuckyDraw) | Call of Duty Mobile | COD Tips Gameplay Monster

*NEW* Chopper LMG Gameplay (FREE VERSION + LuckyDraw) | Call of Duty Mobile | COD Tips Game wiki and how to, complete walkthrough

In today’s video we do the new lucky draw with the Price skin and new CHOPPER LMGJoin my discord and chat with me/join giveaways! – https://discord.gg/hawksnest

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Device: iPhone XS Max or iPad Pro 10.5 (2017)

Editing Program: Adobe Premiere Pro

Record Using: Elgato Game Capture Card

Thumbnails: Made by me on Photoshop

Intro Music: I’m so alone – BOJET

#CodMobile #CODM #COD #Mobile #MobileGaming

Tags: cod, codm, call of duty, cod mobile, mobile, hawks, hawksnest, iferg, ferg, tribe gaming, tribe, bobbyplays, noahfromyotube, jokesta, stats, recoil, best, gu…

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  1. can we use vpn to get low price ?

  2. Hawknest is a real pro🌐he motivates me can someone Honestly tell me if my GAMEPLAY good or not 💯

  3. 200 medals? I thinj fastest way might be sniper.
    Headshot, long kill, one shot

  4. This gun is a freaking monster..my goodness.

  5. I got the captain price skin at the second draw

  6. Five minutes 40 secs to see the fucking chopper in action

  7. Bring back old intro music

  8. Yesterday obtained free version and i gotta say, this is the first lmg i really like and play with…. Like it

  9. If he had not double uploaded in the past then he would have not been out of ideas right now

  10. I'm checking in every hour to see if Hawknest posted legendary chopper vs. Free version stats.

  11. took me 7 frontline games to unlock chopper 💀💀💀 It's so busted because the aiming is easier and the capacity… ooooo

  12. Paid chopper have a graneid louncher and free chopper no graned louncher 🤔

  13. does laser sight improve the reocil while ads? i mean its still hipfire

  14. Oh no. Hawknest is starting to do those incredibly terrible YouTube faces in the preview. Noooo.

  15. When will you release cordite guide bro ? I am waiting so eagerly for longer time i guess 😅

  16. Hey brother, long time fan here, I think I subbed right around szn 1. I really enjoy ur content, I’m a numbers guy and absolutely love ur work on stats, and all your vids in general. But hey the reason for this comment is I was watching another one of my fav cod mobile YouTube vids today which listed their opinion of top guns in the game currently. All thru the vid stats from your website were used and posted thru out the video and several other videos in the past. Matter fact I know several of the you tubers not only use ur stats but the images of the stats from ur website. In the past a lot of them would give u a shout out and maybe recommend u for a sub. But lately the hawk shout outs are happening less and less. This comment is not to start drama or to stir things up. I just want to make sure you are
    Getting what you deserve. Perhaps you and your fellow you tubers have something worked out where you are compensated. ( I hope that’s the case) becuz your hard tedious work is being used to improve their videos. Pls let me know when you see this comment and if u would prefer to respond privately just let me know and I’ll shoot u my email. But once again I’m a big fan and I hope to hear
    From u!!

  17. Hawks, we need an full analysis on the gun

  18. Notice: Undefined variable: theMail in /var/www/gameplay/wp-content/plugins/wp-automatic/p_content_filter.php on line 266
    LRMTB says:

    Does anyone know if the annihilator is coming back again? I wasnt able to play cod mobile during the time it was released due to some sort of server issue and ive clearly missed out does anyone know? Thanks

  19. Any FOV stats or tips. If I play lowest I get destroyed close range by the better players but higher fov means having to be a little quicker with reactions

  20. Hi, would love to hear you discuss the "demo expert", does it include smrs and war machine?

  21. I am from Matt stonie channel.😁😁

  22. I did it all in one day

  23. Remeber, this gun came from cod ghosts (2013)

  24. The Skin Looks like the Alien Nest from Cod Ghost

  25. Did the cordite got silent nerf jokesta said it got nerf in his top 5 rank loadouts please test if it got nerfed

  26. It cost too much for a 13 years old but I got all legendary gun

  27. Good But AT LONG Range Too much Shake

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    T 'n D says:

    An LMG that allows you to play agressive and its really balanced? Yes, please

  29. Bro use guides access while playing games in the phone to stop the notifications pannel from coming out

  30. How do you get the survivor medal

  31. Here I thought he was good but he’s in pro 2 lol nub I m at legendary

  32. Hey hawksnest make a gun tier list video for season 7

  33. Can you help me get this skin bc i used my remainder trying to get skins trying to get lucky now i cant afford next pass and if thats not possible pass is okay and if none it’s alright but keep up the good work dude!

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    Xyris. says:

    I love the instrumental on this video. It is the instrumental from “Riot” by XXXTENTACION. Rest easy X got way to soon.

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