NEW DPS Hero Echo | All Abilities and Gameplay in Competitive Mode – Overwatch Gameplay Monster

NEW DPS Hero Echo | All Abilities and Gameplay in Competitive Mode – Overwatch Game wiki and how to, complete walkthrough

New hero!! We all thought she was support.
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  1. My boy it’s 2020 not 2019 it’s been 2 years since a new character

  2. People in games keeps telling me I sound like you… so I just had to check you out… and yes we do sound alike

  3. where is the cod mw vid with vikkstar xd

  4. Hej kenzo min svenska broder stort fan

  5. If you was it plaese write back i am that toxit

  6. Somebodey said that he is kenzo at my last round but he is only level 313

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    Xd XD says:

    Can you make a Hanzo guide I’m trying to improve my hanzo skill

  8. Can kenzo train me I am bronze but my master friend says that most deserve at least diamond/plat

  9. Does echo do more damage when she mirrors a hero?

  10. I love his gameplays, he really has a good aim. I mean his kind of an idol i wanna be like him.
    But first……………………………………………………….. i have to buy the game and also the console or something i have work to do

  11. Quick question, since Bob counts as a player and he can capture points, can you dupe into Bob?

  12. Simple balance change that would make her fair – after she uses a copied character's ult, her ult ends. You still charge it as fast as you do currently, but then you make a choice, throw it out or wait so you can use other abilities of that character. Hell, you could even make her ult last longer.

    You shouldn't be able to use 3 ults for the price of one that's like a definition of a broken character.

  13. Waaait a sec, in Hanamura the map is in it’s winter theme… sooo did they tested
    Echo in December? 😳

  14. It's the first time I've ever seen Kenzos face. And I gotta say, I did NOT expect him to look like a prepubescent school boy… 😏

  15. The best thing about Echo?
    When the enemy team picks Dumbfist they already lost. 🙂

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    R Ayx says:

    Wait what happens if u duplicate echo’s character

  17. 6:35 do you notice how theres a glitch where her max health is one hitpoint higher? I wonder if somethings wrong with that

  18. imagine all of the backcapping that will happen because she can just fly behind

  19. Sombra is gonna come in hand

  20. If you look up (don't know if it matters but I think so) and use your flight while pressing space all the time and reach the ceiling. After the flight is over, glide down and you'll see that the ability is available again before you hit the ground so you can basically fly forever.

  21. I wanna see how many blades u can get with genji

  22. Guys guys guys power creep is not an issue we promise it's not we promise wtf is this

  23. Ok crazy idea, what if echo could copy herself and with the fast ultimate then copies another enemy team member. You would do really good on rein or something for a bit switch back to the echo you copied farm up ult again, copy another enemy, make huge plays or whatever, switch back to copied echo, and then regular echo. That would be so confusing and probably really op depending on the situation.

  24. Finally! A character that people won’t be able to one trick. This means echo mains will probably have to be able to play any meda character

  25. What happens when ur a echo and u turn into a echo and u are use ur ult to be an echo again. It’s a loop

  26. If echo uses her ultimate on baby D.V.A do you morph into baby D.V.A or do you get the suit aswell? (Haven’t watched full video so idk if it goes over that situation

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