Overwatch: NEW Hero Echo Gameplay – All Abilities Breakdown Gameplay Monster

Overwatch: NEW Hero Echo Gameplay – All Abilities Breakdown Game wiki and how to, complete walkthrough

Overwatch’s new Hero 32 Echo is here and today we breakdown all of his abilities and gameplay! We breakdown all of the abilities of this super high skill DPS Hero with crazy mobility! Hero 32 Echo is just insane!

Video by Pat “Owtreyalp”
Thumbnail by Nancy Teeple

Production Music Courtesy of Epidemic Sound

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    TGN says:

    PSA: Echo is only available in PTR. Console players will have to wait until it goes live! In the meantime, we would like to know what are your thoughts about the new hero! Post them in the comments!

  2. I think her DPS is a slight problem, yeah it's probably compensated with her not have any armor shield but along the focused beam, it'll need to be tweaked more. I can almost excuse her ultimate on account of her name and it is the most unique but with the ability to presumably use the copied character's ultimate in rapid succession, that to me will need to be nerfed.

  3. Lol we've waited so long for her to arrive and I personally don't give a fuck that she's here. Couldn't give two fucks

  4. She's gonna get nerfed more than Mercy

  5. Can you duplicate the enemy character skin as well I don't care about ult I care more about the skin when doing my ult? LOL (^_^)

  6. Why I don't have her in hero gallery?

  7. I get the feeling that Echo's gonna be another character that people shit on. She's the equivalent of a good spy on TF2. You hate when you're fighting against them, but love it when they're on your team. It's just a game everyone. It's not the end of the world when Echo's there. She's not invincible, you can still kill her even as she's using her Ultimate and there are ways to counter her. You don't even have to prioritize killing her, you just have to keep an eye on who she duplicates and what she and her team do. In fact, Echo's skills come in through pire team effort. Her beam is most effective when other team members have widdled down enemy health and having an Echo and another team member using their Ultimates together is a good strategy to sweep a team. Which is the POINT. Don't be mad because you lost, try to be glad cause the other team got a sweet victory and are happy. You can always play another match.

  8. Question: if there is an enemy echo can you use your ult to transform into her then use the 6.5x boost to get your ult faster and so on and so forth

  9. My Amazon Echo keeps activating during this video

  10. If you have your teammates damage the enemies to the point where they have under 50% health and you use focusing beam then its GG

  11. I was dissapointed when they made her a DPS :")
    Two of my mains are healers and supports are my favourite so kinda sad

  12. How did owtreyalp get here… He makes roblox and minecraft videos..

  13. Everybody’s totally gonna main Echo once she‘s fully released

  14. I play on PC but I can't seem to be able to play her

  15. I feel like she should have shield on her health like 50-75 at least

  16. See's ultimate

    Coughs in Sylas

    Yes I know they're very different

    Props to Blizzard to figuring this coding nightmare out!

  17. Imagine being a sylas rip off on crack, now stop look at echo

  18. What happens if you duplicate the enemy Echo and then Ult as a duplicate Echo?

  19. Blizzard really is retarded when it comes to balancing

  20. Her ultimate is so absurd! Spending 1 ultimate that charges fairly quickly and then gets to use 2, 3 or even 4 ultimates… they're gonna nerf her so horribly.

  21. EVERYONE will only play her in the training area. Because good luck getting into a game as dps.

  22. you can also cancel her flying ability, can't you?

  23. “great! we avoided our enemies’ ults.”

    echo: well yes but actually no-

  24. Why did they give her a Mozambique? At least it has decent ammo capacity tho

  25. If you hack echo (as sombra) while she copied someone, is she able to use the q of the copied person since she already copied that person. Or won't she be able to?

  26. "when it first arrived from amazon, I didn't know what it was"

  27. She is t fukcing powerful

  28. Imagine picking her and copying Wrecking ball. And you see the entire point with like 50 bombs on the field

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