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Path of Exile 2 Gameplay Preview Game wiki and how to, complete walkthrough

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  1. I like a few new things, but, the hud, items, font, map everything is exactly the same, this looks more like a huge graphical update instead of another game, i just feel like id be playing a smoother poe and thats it, id like to feel like im at a new place ive never been before tbh, anyways best of luck!

  2. @GGG; I hope PoE2 will have a more balanced enemy difficulty than PoE because 99% of enemies are no challenge while the other 1% instantly kills you the moment they aggro.

    Less discrepancy between the weakest and strongest mobs in a zone would provide a more consistent challenge from the 99% and less frustration from the 1%.

  3. Ugh… fix the font in the equipment descriptions so that they are all upper and lower case. Small caps is terribly difficult to read quickly.

  4. You guys should have it so when you enter a new map the portal is activated automatically..

  5. would like to see a hud update but everything else looks amazing!!!

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    J O says:

    Looks amazing but should not be so walk in the park esque, should be more gritty and challenging imo

  7. One of my issues with gear was NEVER TAKING THEM OFF. I be level 86 with a level 40+ chest piece and I b like ;_; It has 5 sockets… IT HAS 5 SOCKETS! Didn't want to deal with new sockets, trying to add more sockets changing socket colors, dealing with the horrid "Hi I would like to buy…." bs.

    Btw, POE 2 china already has auction house 🤣🤣

  8. Can you not move while using attacks ?

  9. I literally grabbed my head in disbelief when he said "In PoE2 every item can be a six-link"

  10. This looks like a rubbish mobile game.

  11. In the times you can use more then 2 main skills, shapeshifting seems to be just not that interesting.

  12. When I first heard of PoE2 I was like "Fuck there goes all my Cosmetics and Stash tabs" GGG is really a class act letting us keep all are swag and tabs. If this was Blizzard they would have made up some BS excuse saying it isnt "Technically possible"

  13. So, is this going to be better optimized? My only problem with Path of Exile is that no matter what settings I adjust the game will run smoothly but look terrible.

  14. Wow this shapeshifting mechanics and werewolf itself looks so much better than D4 druid (*_*) shut up and take my… Wait a minute 🤔

  15. how is this awesome game be free to play? that's just too great!

  16. I will be interested in playing POE 2. Looks like they're going to remove the things I didn't like about the game.

  17. Damn, arrow nova support gem looks sick! Wish I could use it already

  18. Looks absolutely fantastic, but not gonna lie, the white splotch on the mana orb really bothers me tho lol

  19. Watching this video made me want to play PoE 1 again, I've been playing for over 4 years there, but I recently stopped, but I'm coming back haha

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