Star Wars Squadrons – Gameplay Reveal & Overview | EA Play 2020 Gameplay Monster

Star Wars Squadrons – Gameplay Reveal & Overview | EA Play 2020 Game wiki and how to, complete walkthrough

See how Star Wars Squadrons pits the New Republic against the Empire with single-player and multiplayer gameplay, as well as an overview of all the ships, cosmetics, and modes you can play.

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  1. This is actually cool looking but I’m still not getting it.

  2. i want past battles like the battle of endor not the future like my goodness not even a real 50vs 50 or 100vs 100 fight for the galaxy battle like i think they could have done better or at least have gotten extra time. i was so excited when i heard about squadrons now i dont even want to buy the game

  3. Who's joining me in competitive exports tournaments and going for the first place? Cause I've been waiting for this my entire life, and I'm. Not letting . anything stop us.

  4. Things like this stray too far from Lucas's Star Wars saga. There were no female pilot's, no black stormtroopers, and no Chinese rebels..

  5. They said all the right things except "and when we start selling it, the game will be finished". I would love to hear that.

  6. Wow this actually looks really cool.

  7. EA PLEASE LISTEN TO ME 🙏 that trailer stated twice 5v5 I'd like to see fleet be at 64player battle

  8. I really hope it's NOT JUST 5V5 I'd like to see a 64 server

  9. I guess they don’t train males to be pilots

  10. Is there going to be some kind of commander postition in squads?

  11. You all pretend you didn’t notice [REDACTED] just because you think that acknowledging [REDACTED] as something abnormal makes you a bad person. You are afraid of committing “wrong think”. But we all know. You won’t admit it but you know, too. I didn’t even say it and you still know. Coward.

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    eddy67 says:

    Lol @ only 5v5. I thought this was Star Wars? Why can't we have a game like planetside where there's hundreds of player on screen at once? This is more like Star Skirmish

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    Shon w says:

    i dont know why that little Ewok bobble head cracked me up so much.

  14. When EA actually listens for once 😀

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    Rishi says:


  16. 5? is that it unless theres bots its gonna feel like very empty space.All i want is the old battlefront 2 space battles back played them for hours and days and weeks never got bored

  17. Something tells me that my wallet and this game are not going to get along very well.

  18. it should have been at least 16 v 16 with the choice of doing 5 v 5.
    BF 2 2006 was able to do it so why have we gone backwards with the amount of players?

  19. Wow. For the first time I actually feel flying in Star Wars is harder than it looks rather than pew pew jump to light speed lmaoo. Also is Hera voiced by the same actor in Rebels? I can't tell.

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