THE LAST OF US 2 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 34 – LEV (Last of Us Part 2) Gameplay Monster

THE LAST OF US 2 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 34 – LEV (Last of Us Part 2) Game wiki and how to, complete walkthrough

The Last of Us 2 (Last of Us Part 2) Walkthrough Gameplay Part 34 includes a Review and Campaign Mission 34 of the Last of Us Part II Single Player Story Campaign for PS4 Pro and PS5 (Playstation 5) later. Thanks Playstation for giving me this review copy. This 2020 The Last of Us Part 2 Story Campaign Walkthrough will be the Full Game including a Review, Prologue, All Story Chapters, OST, Cut Scenes, Cinematics, Missions, Joel, Ellie, Abby, Artifacts, Trading Cards, Journal Entries, Workbenches, Safes, Chapters, Jackson, Seattle Day 1, Encounters and more until the Ending of the Single Player Story.


The Last of Us Part II is an action-adventure game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4 Pro and Playstation 5. Set five years after the events of The Last of Us, players enter the role of 19-year-old Ellie, who comes into conflict with a mysterious cult in a post-apocalyptic United States. The game contains survival horror elements and is played from the third-person perspective. Players can use firearms, improvised weapons, and stealth to defend against hostile humans and cannibalistic creatures infected by a mutated strain of the Cordyceps fungus.

The Last of Us Part 2 is played from the third-person perspective. Players can use firearms, bows, improvised weapons, and stealth to defend against hostile humans and cannibalistic creatures infected by a mutated strain of the Cordyceps fungus. The gameplay mechanics in Part II have also expanded upon its predecessor, The Last of Us. In it the player character can traverse the environment more openly by being able to reach higher vantage points by jumping and climbing while playing as the more nimble Ellie. Players can also crawl in a prone position to evade enemies. Throughout the game, players will have a non-player character assisting them. Additionally, large portions of the game are set in Seattle, Washington.

The game also sees the return of “Listen Mode” allowing players to locate enemies through a heightened sense of hearing and spatial awareness, indicated as outlines visible through walls and objects. Additionally, players can collect supplements to upgrade skills in a skill tree. The three main branches of the tree are Survival, Crafting, and Stealth. Survival upgrades improve health, Listen Mode’s range, and throw distance. Crafting upgrades allow for melee upgrades, increase to Ellie’s crafting speed, and the ability to craft smoke and stun bombs. Stealth upgrades improve prone movement speed, faster stealth kills, and unlock pistol silencers. Part II also introduces guard dogs that can track the player’s scent.

The Last of Us Part II takes place five years after the events of the first game and about 25 years after the outbreak of the Cordyceps Brain Infection began. Ellie, who is now 19 years old, will return as the main protagonist whom players will assume control of, as well as Joel in his mid-fifties. The story will be split into four seasonal chapters, starting with Jackson County, Wyoming, during the winter months. The pair, having settled down in Tommy’s settlement, live in relative peace within the thriving community. While there, Ellie has even managed to form friendships with Dina and Jesse. However, the survivors face constant threats from the Infected and other hostile survivors.

Characters include:
Ellie – The playable protagonist of the game. Ellie was formerly a denizen from the Boston Quarantine Zone and is immune to the Cordyceps Brain Infection. She returns from the original game and is now nineteen years old and sports a tattoo over the bite scar on her right arm. She is fueled by hate and is on a personal quest of revenge against unknown people.
Joel – The deuteragonist of the game. Joel is a survivor of the CBI outbreak who returns from the original game, alongside Ellie. He is now in his early to mid-fifties.
Unnamed woman – A stocky woman whom Emily hunted for unknown reasons. Her name remains a secret.
Dina – A young woman, Jesse’s ex-girlfriend and Ellie’s associate.
Yara – Yara and her brother Lev were former members of the Seraphites.
Lev – Lev is Yara’s younger brother. The pair left the Seraphites for unknown reasons.
Tommy – Joel’s younger brother, also returning from the original game. He is one of the leaders of the community in Jackson.
Jesse – Dina’s ex-boyfriend and a friend of Ellie.
Emily – A member of a religious cult called the Seraphites, set to wipe out all ‘sin’ in the world after the outbreak.
Nora – A high-ranking member in the Washington Liberation Front. Ellie pursues her through Seattle.

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  1. Thanks for all the love each day fam. Means a lot!

  2. Maybe if didn't have a resting b*tch face, she would be a little bit more of a likable character

  3. Gettin really bad at shootin brad

  4. Brad, when theres a lot of enemies, u can use a bottle or a brick to lure them all to the same place, then use the pike bomb to kill them at the same time

  5. Naughty Dog : Let's give Abby all the great upgrades, crossbow and stuffs.
    Fans (Shouts) : We still don't care !

  6. Notice: Undefined variable: theMail in /var/www/gameplay/wp-content/plugins/wp-automatic/p_content_filter.php on line 266
    wcg66 says:

    Screw that ferry!

  7. 31:27 the coins are important to Abby because her Dad used to collect them, now she collects them @theRadBrad

  8. How convinient. New internet Meme

  9. Uses instinct, many infected shows up, fires a weapon and hell breaks loose " that was unexpected" lol

  10. I guess the writer is just going to keep introducing something new then not tie anything in the end when Ellie suddenly shows up. How many people are there? This is just genocide. How do you swim with all you gear? Abby and Ellie are the same character. They both have pregnant companions. Jesse and Danny where are the same.

  11. Notice: Undefined variable: theMail in /var/www/gameplay/wp-content/plugins/wp-automatic/p_content_filter.php on line 266
    j says:

    Love when he says "it is what it is"

  12. Notice: Undefined variable: theMail in /var/www/gameplay/wp-content/plugins/wp-automatic/p_content_filter.php on line 266
    Breaky says:

    no we're not back to normal, people is just irresponsable

  13. Abby as a character is growing on me, I hated her at first

  14. This game's guns are like acme manufactured or something so weak if not headshots and hard to aim it seems.
    I kinda hate they basically gave both the same guns/weapons.
    Also they copy & paste the same infected i guess they were lazy designing them.

  15. Notice: Undefined variable: theMail in /var/www/gameplay/wp-content/plugins/wp-automatic/p_content_filter.php on line 266
    Tu Lai says:

    Pandemic still going on radDad. Stay safe.

  16. Brad: "pipe bombs aren't worth it. they're too expensive".
    Also Brad: "Pipe bombs are too good".

  17. in Asia part not many place do quarantine much but it better to stay home for example my hometown they started to go back to work and to school and where I live now they never had lockdown or quarantine, just social distance but in this country no more commented infected so it is safe both of places that I know of !

  18. Finally, some bottle distraction + pipe bomb it!

  19. Brad check area 3 times for rags
    Also brad: let me double check this area one last time

  20. Awesome content love the content and channel keep up the good work and providing for your family God Bless awesome channel

  21. Gotta be honest, Abby would be ok if they hadn't made her look like she's abused the steroids.

  22. i wonder how long this abby scene ,her muscles hurts my eyes

  23. Dude i was shouting on top of my Lungs everytime abby got tortured

    "YES! YES! YESS!"

  24. Brad what does Chubbs think of Clementine❤

  25. Notice: Undefined variable: theMail in /var/www/gameplay/wp-content/plugins/wp-automatic/p_content_filter.php on line 266
    kJayy says:

    They are doing a bad job on trying to make me feel bad for Abby I still hate her guts.

  26. Notice: Undefined variable: theMail in /var/www/gameplay/wp-content/plugins/wp-automatic/p_content_filter.php on line 266
    Icarus says:

    I’d love to experience this game especially the rainy areas

  27. You are the worst player I have ever seen and you are the worst aimer I have ever seen how can you miss five shots in a row there were literally in front of you

  28. u need to waut a bit after luring them in before u throw the bomb lol, they need some time to react at first >_<

  29. Brad, Stalkers are sneaky and try to be quiet, thats why they dont show up on ur "listening mode". they try to hide and ambush and flank u so u dont see it coming… in some form id say thats the most "intelligent" stage of infected, Runners are jsut plain aggressive and dumb, and Clickers aswell jsut go by instinct and attack anything that makes any sounds. also, rem u can lure unaware enemys towards one point with bottles/bricks, and then use the pipebombs to kill several, just keep in mind they land and bump of/roll a slight bit before they explode ^^ (as usual i should have waited till the end of the vid, but since u didnt use the "draw together" tactics until now, i didnt expect it lol * ^^ * but: im kinda proud u came to the conclusion urself, dont ask me why tho >_<)

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