THIS IS AWESOME! Asmongold Plays Baldur's Gate 3 (First Gameplay) | NEW RPG 2020 Gameplay Monster

THIS IS AWESOME! Asmongold Plays Baldur's Gate 3 (First Gameplay) | NEW RPG 2020 Game wiki and how to, complete walkthrough

Asmongold plays the new 2020 RPG “Baldur’s Gate 3”, the early access gameplay preview is extremely promising, Asmon goes through the character creation process showing all the different races and the first few hours of the game. The first impressions of the metaphorical god are good ahead of the game release date and the cinematic cutscenes along with its trailer are phenomenal too.

Baldurs Gate 3 is an entirely next-generation RPG taking place in the Forgotten Realms® setting from Dungeons & Dragons® and 20 years in the making. Return to the legendary city of Baldur’s Gate® in a tale of fellowship and betrayal, sacrifice and survival and the lure of absolute power.

In early access you can choose between six classes: Cleric, Fighter, Ranger, Rogue, Warlock, and Wizard. There will be eight races plus several sub-races to select as well. You’ll need to make a custom character during early access, but you can recruit five of the game’s characters to your party.

When it comes to races, the usual humans, halflings, elves and the like are represented, of course, but you’ll also be able to make tieflings, drow, githyanki and even a vampire spawn…

Astarion – Elf/Vampire Rogue
Gale – Human Wizard
Lae’zel – Githyanki Warrior
Shadowheart – Half-Elf Cleric
Wyll – Human Warlock

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  1. Gamer: "Nobody cares about that wizard shit"

    Commenter: "You don't speak for me sir"

    Me: dead lmao

  2. Don't stand in the fire guys, what are you? stupid?
    – Asmongold since forever

  3. So first of all I am pretty sure Azmongold has never played DnD xD
    Second very fun to watch i hope he continues this

  4. Hey can’t even say I can be black anymore lol world is so sensitive he has to say I can be that guy so he doesn’t get banned lol

  5. This game looked good until combat turned out to be turn based. Stopped watching immediately.

  6. kickass fun time watching. Its great seeing the replay value in these encounters. Having played through the early game myself I hope he comes back for more. Also hope he doubles back for green goblin lady. Just hangin out in the cage lol

  7. Wtf? Why are people saying PoE? Lmao? They have never seen isometric camera angles???

  8. The game is barely in beta, good game but there are quite a few graphical glitches until full release. I love Forgotten Realms. Good to see you playing something different.

  9. This was much better than any WoW content you've ever done. Id watch that any time, subscribed !

  10. Love this content dood. Love to see you enjoying a different game

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  12. Anyone else think the dwarf looks like Zach Galifianakis at 6:20???

  13. I just started playing it. I really like the very beginning. Good job guys.

  14. "I think we're gonna have to go with 17…… FOR THE HAIRSTYLE!"

    Me: That's a Nat 20 save if i've ever seen one

  15. I'm still watching the cinematic…but God damn that game looks fucking bad ass

  16. “Literally no one cares about that wizard shit” guess we are ignoring half the game then haha.

  17. I wish blizzard could follow other game companies footsteps. This game was released in a good amount of time.

  18. Confirmed. Asmongold is going bald, has buck teeth… yet still has a hot girlfriend that only likes him for his money and makes money for you watching him. Yay


  20. I cant watch it any longer. It hurts my eyes how bad he plays this game. He can't even read bonus points..

  21. Ahhh.. planescape torment, BG 1, BG2, Throne of Bhaal and Icewind dale.
    How I have missed good games.

  22. clicked this piece of shit just do give thumbs down for the piece of shit face on piece of shit thumbnail

  23. Instead of jerking off over WoW lore, you should read a little D&D lore. Those "cthulhu" creatures are mindflayers.

  24. why are there so many cuts? I hope it's just the reading of dumb chat messages that is cut away and nothing of value.

  25. honestly people watch you watch videos why wouldnt they watch you play other games

  26. Good to see Asmongold try out new games, and it was fun to watch too 😀 Good gameplay!

  27. How is someone who plays games for a living THIS stupid and bad/inept at video games?

  28. lolol the "Next", "Accept", "Proceed" button is Venture Forth oh wow. Loving this game already.

  29. I remember watching the developer play through this part and I wonder, "Is Asmogold playing on easy mode?"

    Would love to see more of this

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