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Xbox Series X Gameplay and First Impressions Game wiki and how to, complete walkthrough

Xbox Series X Gameplay! I’ve been testing this next gen console for a couple weeks now and here are my first impressions. Not a techy overview, more of a gamers perspective. Gears 5, Dirt 5, Doom Eternal, Battlefield and more. Let me know your thoughts below. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

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  1. Hey what was the model number of the 4K LG tv you have and would you recommend it for the new Xbox

  2. Do you think warzone runs with 120 fps on this?

  3. *This guy*:"Most PC gamers are already used to this"
    Me with my 800$ computer that has worse specs then a 500$ console

  4. @jackfrags what picture settings do you use on that LG?? Is that the 9000?

  5. Why would you not use quick resume? Definitely one of my top next gen features.

  6. I’ve always thought a super wide FOV makes games look like poop.

  7. Who else is bored to death of car racing games. Yaaaaaawwwwnn

  8. While I don't think many people will use it to swap between games, I think everyone will use it to load into games faster in the beginning of their gaming sessions since they can resume to exactly where they left off instead of loading the menu screen and then loading from a checkpoint for example.

  9. Xbox specs are still better than Playstations. Sont just had an edge with the single player third person story driven exclusives.

  10. Does quick resume work with physical games though????

  11. Hey Jack, could you download War Thunder and play a round or two of Ground, air, and naval battles and let us know what your frame rates are? I’ve switched to playing WT on console after my pc went to the great blue beyond but my one X can’t keep up in ground battles.

  12. The quick resume can last for MONTHS. If you only play 3 games in a whole month, you will never need to fully boot up any of the games (even if you unplug the system) all month unless quick resume gets some sort of error. It's not about switching 5 games in one play season.

  13. Is it me or is the series X looking….. kinda T H I C C

  14. I was debating, pc, or ps5. Never really been an Xbox player but I love their games. So I decided to get a gaming pc for £1450, worth it. A lot. Switching to pc gaming, will get a ps5 around April and maybe an Xbox in future but probably the s, as I wouldn’t really need an X. Then again I have a pc now so I don’t really need a Xbox you know. Can the titles on their. Love pc

  15. Battlefield V has field of view on PS4 from day one. I dont know why that was a big deal now.

  16. Playstation5 is soo much better . Soo much

  17. Quick resume is going to be awesome for switching quickly from a single player game to multiplayer when friends are online and back to the single player game nobody is going to use it you say yeah sure they won't

  18. quick resume isn't just for switching between games. if you fully power down the system or unplug it, your games will still be in quick resume meaning you'll never have to load up the game unless you go over the limit

  19. Everything is an upgrade to me because I'm still on Xbox 360.

  20. many wouldnt use quick resume?????????? the fk u talking about mate? i play about 3 diff games a day and when the powers out u can plug back in and ur games right there where u left off, and thats including of you had it unplugged from the mains. to say u wiuld never use that and many wouldn't is the most stupidest thing i've heard any youtube moron say about the sx so far

  21. Nice info vid Jack. The xbox looks impressive but I'm still getting a ps5 purely for sonys incredible games library. Peace

  22. As a console player this was a no brainer for me. But unfortunately I am now unemployed with a new born daughter. Thus with all my bills and responsibilities who knows when I'll be able to afford this. I even started a small saving late last year to ensure that I'd be able to afford this with the new games and hardware, but alas I have already ran through that to buy baby essentials and pay my bills. Sad times :(.

  23. Previous games haven't been optimised for it. It's games coming out that will see upgrades.

  24. Shity as Xbox just buy a pc 😂you can buy a cheap pc that’ll still be better then any console

  25. Does the backwords compadibility only include XBox 1 games or does it go back further. I have several Xbox 360 titles I enjoy playing.

  26. Dont tune in a lot but this is actually a very well tempered review…. not cringingly fanboyish.

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